Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Busy Bee...

I have finally completed a couple of projects.... isn't it amazing where inspiration can come from?  I completed the rag rug because our cat kept playing with the loose bits...

our Autumn clean out provided the materials for our 'succulent boots', and the holidays gave us the time to get into the garden and complete the stepping stone and plant the celery and bok choy experiments!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stepping Stone Frame

I have began another project with my children.  I am always trying to encourage them to 'get outside' and 'find something constructive to do!' so I have decided to try and make a mosaic stepping stone with them using plastic bottle top lids... its a project I have been wanting to do for AGES, ever since I saw mind blowing mosaics created by a Russian woman.  In fact just today I found this site with even more amazing things done with them by people all over the world.... including the 'Russian Pensioner' who blew my mind... check it out!

ANYWAY back to my stepping stone.  I have decided to use cement to anchor the lids, and so we needed to make a frame.  Last weekend my 6yo son and I cut up some wood we had salvaged from a local factory and created this frame..

This weekend we are intending to purchase some 'environmentally friendly cement' and some sand from the local garden supply depot and begin our mosaic....perfect timing for an exciting experiment to do over the Easter break!

After looking at the above link my brain is chugging away at other possible projects which will inspire and motivate my children!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another Project

Williamstown is a lovely place full of adventure for all.  Here is a picture I took that I am aiming to paint or draw for my next painting/drawing project....

Cowboys & Indians

I'm making up for lost time now!  Here is a terrarium I have put together for in our bathroom.  I love the interest and the bit of colour it adds... and the low maintenance attached to it!  My last plant lasted quite a while but became gangly looking for the light.  I had an empty terrarium gathering dust, and found these old cowboys and Indians in the garden at North Fitzroy.... too good for the kids to play with but I didn't know what to do with them so they too sat on the windowsill gathering dust, till one day SHAZAM inspiration hit me like an arrow from a quiver, and DA-DAA!

We now have a fun creation and talking point for in the bathroom.  The kids helped by giving suggestions and amazing encouragement and enthusiasm... but they weren't allowed to touch lol!!!  Adults and their toys! ;)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Merely A Patchwork Scarf?

Well, haven't I been inspired by re-finding my blog! Here is my first completed project for 2015.  I've been cleaning out the shed still with the aim to create a studio space for myself.... a seemingly endless task.... and I sorted through some fabric and found some gorgeous pieces of velvet.  As a mother, velvet isn't the most practical fabric to wear, but I have always been a sucker for tactile textured fabrics and wanted to make myself a treat.... so I did and da daa, here it is....

A patchwork velvet scarf... and I've already worn it! I love it as it is a functional piece which was made from off-cuts, and I even used my Mum's over-locker she loaned me about 3 years ago for the first time, and some cotton that a friend threw my way when she was having a clean out about 5 years ago! So I now have a new skill, more confidence, inspiration to complete more, and a beautiful scarf to brighten up the coming winter..... and you thought it was merely a scarf! ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

blogging blog!

Its 2015.... in-fact Feb 2015.... almost March 2015.... how the heck did that happen?  I suppose new years resolutions do work a bit... and I should have resolved to be more active on my blog :-0  hahahaha.  I confess I resolved the usual 'get fit' 'finish projects' and I have been.... kinda... and I had actually forgotten  that I have a blog!!! Now I have re-discovered it and its motivational purpose, I declare that from March 2015 I will endeavor once again to blog once a month... that is a total of  9 projects to complete this year! Sounds too easy doesn't it! ;)  as my Mum would say, "The proof is in the puddin'."
Here's to Puddin' :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

What happened?

I really don't know what happened to the last few months.... my last post AUGUST! Its now DECEMBER! Blimey... what do I have to show?   Well I have sewn together the rag rug... i think my well needs refilling... I've also been busy in the garden!  My kids and I are creating a stage in the back yard, paved with whatever broken pieces of concrete and pavers we can find and surrounded in a formal style hedge.... which they want to topiary when the plants are big enough! Its looking great but we still need to find more paving.... a good holiday project.
Photos to come.........