Monday, August 18, 2014

Busily Busy...

Well I missed a month somehow... but I have finished knitting my top, and almost completed sewing it together, I haven't sewn the rug together :( but I have knitted a beanie and scarf for myself, and a scarf for my husband, and the poncho for my daughter is in circulation....  I have also been experimenting with orange peel... making fire lighters for the wood-heater, and citrus cleaner for my cleaning requirements. My children and I have also made a 'wheel wall' with old bike wheels in the vegi patch, and I have tried another jar of dying, using onion skins this time... oh yes and I did complete 6 * 22 pg photo albums from Big W which was a HUGE task if anyone has tried sorting through the endless photos of the digital age, you will appreciate what a mammoth effort THAT was!

My goals for the rest of August are:
* Finish the rag rug
* Plant the seeds for my summer harvest of vegies
* Save money for a guitar!!!
* figure out what to do with my warp for the corduroy which is a little bit wrong....
Cheey bye for now...:-)