Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mark Ryden

Where am I at right now? besides feeling my shirt stretching over my post-Christmas paunch, I'm feeling quite good about my progress!
  • I received my first length of printed fabric from 'Spoonflower' with my Tractors design on it, and am pleased with the results... when I make something from it I'll post it up.
  • I've also almost completed my diorama! It'll be ready to be photographed soon! I have a couple of progress shots, which I shall put up next time I'm on.
My inspiration at the moment comes from Mark Ryden. My husband gave me his book 'The Snow Yak Show' and it is beautiful. It is about his 2009 exhibition at the Tomio Koyama Gallery in Tokyo.

Art? Enjoy it!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mirka Mora

Inspiration PLUS... Bec and I went to the Mirka Mora exhibition at Heide. It was so beautiful and inspiring... the cheeky child-like innocence. It was a bonus that there was a drawing exhibition on will some wonderful contemporary artists too... I took some photos of Bec and of the flowers in the vegetable garden and am intending to create a 'Becky Doll' to commemorate the day... so stay tuned...

It was also the RMIT textile design and production Graduates exhibition on Thursday night. It was great, yet daunting, to see the professionalism of their works. The bar is high, but I am ready for the challenge! (I can say that now as I'm on holidays!)

I am also working on a piece for the 2011 'geometrica' exhibition held by RMIT. I have photographed the city scape from Edinburgh Gardens and have begun to create a 3D diorama of it using wool... I must admit that it is the process which is intriguing to me, so hopefully the end result will be as interesting! My goal is to exhibit the 3D diorama with a length of printed cloth behind it, showcasing both the process and the end result.

Be Inspired!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's never too late! I have resolved to update my blog on a monthly basis. Hopefully it will keep me focused and help me achieve those goals I'm always setting.

Hi everyone... I know its been ages since I've even looked at my blog, but I'm here now. I began studying part time again this year, Textile design and Production at RMIT Brunswick TAFE and I'm loving it... Hopefully I'll be doing some show and tell with the blog.

I also have a couple of designs on SPOONFLOWER under 'Red Paeony', and am aiming to include at least one new design a year on that site.

I have met some very inspiring people through the course, and have learnt about many other fascinating designers and artists. My tutors have made me push the limits, and I feel as though I have torn through some type of thin membrane and taken tiny steps into another universe.

I hope you enjoy.