Thursday, November 24, 2011

clandestine images

This is a scratchboard picture called "Tell the universe." I really enjoyed creating this piece, and I really like the idea of being on a giant 'fairy' and making a wish.

These are oil on canvas portraits of my children. I love to paint children as their expressions are usually honest and curious.


The exhibition is over... I felt honoured to be included with the artists involved in this exhibition, including Becky James, Monique Revell, Mark Burban, Damian Stephens, Linnea Rundgren, Irene Torres, Anna Cunningham, Jessica Torres, and Mel Balkan. The range of mediums used was fantastic, making for interesting viewing.

Thanks to my friends who made it on the night, and for those who couldn't get there, I'm posting up my work for all to see.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Upcoming exhibition

I'm exhibiting in a group exhibiton on the 18th November "ONE NIGHT ONLY" in the Goodtime Studios
Basement 746 Swanston Street Carlton
Melbourne, Australia
The theme is "Clandestine" and is intended for fun and the love of art. My pieces are portraits of my children, a subject I love and enjoy painting.
Thanks Bec for including me!

I am also intending to be park of the Brooklyn Sketchbook Exhibition... just finalising a couple of friends and then we should be up and running...

Life is too short to be complacent.

Vienna Exhibition

We made it! Granted it was on the last day, but we got there... to the Vienna Exhibition at the NGV. The amazing clean colours and design these fella's used are inspiring.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Toile-de-jour designs

Here are 3 of my designs from CAD class; the Toile-de-jour, an ogee, and diamond based design.

The inspiration is the poem:

"What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice and all things nice,
That's what little girls are made of.

What are little boys made of?
Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails,
That's what little boys are made of."

...but I know there's more to both!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's up pussy cat?

Well... I have been busy, not slack! I have just completed my toile-de-jour project for TAFE, and am pleased with it. It went in different direction to what I originally intended, and there are a couple of goals I had set for myself to achieve in it that I didn't reach, but I intend to work on it a bit more in my own time.

I also have made the 3 Billy goats Gruff for kinder, and my daughter made the Troll... I forgot to get photos but I'll have to take some 'in-situ' and then post them up.

Bec has invited me to join a group exhibition in November, so I've been planning what I'm going to do for that one... pretty excited actually!

I'm still working on some door stops and fairy dresses for the school fete...

I hope to post some other images soon!

Friday, July 1, 2011


My current studies in textile design and production has fed my love of experimenting... I have tried a free-form type of weaving where you use pins and cardboard. You make a shape by sticking pins into the board and weave to create the shape. I tried a teddy-bear... here is the finished piece backed with a piece of my 'Tractors' fabric I have designed and printed.

Good Oldies...

Here are some other pictures...

Align Center

This is one of my eldest son, the final version of my shining knight....

This is my beautiful fariy...

...and this is an ink and charcoal sketch of Baby P.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

"I had a dream"

I actually woke up feeling awake the other morning, and it was due to a dream. (and the fact that I had an early night and the kids slept all night...) The resounding voice in my head posed this question to me..."What are you, the dash or the space?" Initially I thought Wha'? but then I was blown away by it. In a dashed line there are two marks, a visible mark and the invisible one... the space in between.

I leave you with this to ponder too... Are you the dash or the space?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Arrghhhh.... I have too many things I want to do!

I have just purchased a 16 shaft loom, which I have fondly named Lucy Loom, and have great intentions for.... but currently don't quite have the space to set her up. She is currently sitting in two parts, one in my room, and the other in my 90cm X 2.5m light-well which doubles as my studio space/storage space... but there MUST be a way!

I have also just made a tiny bear (which my husband says looks more like a frog) by weaving using my pin-board, some pins, and wool, and backing it with my 'tractors' fabric. The concept is there but the end result needs a little more refining...

I have also brought a potholder loom, upon which I have made about 9 potholders so far.... mastering the hounds tooth pattern and plain weave... now to take the potholders to a new dimension! Where? Well to places potholders have rarely been I hope... I was actually thinking of sewing them together and make some funky stuff out of them.

BUT it is not merely looms looming on my horizon! My grandmothers knitting machine is going to come out of the cupboard!

My passing thought... Lucy Loom is going to kick butt!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


It feels great to have been involved in such an inspiring exhibition. Now for the next thing! Yes, I have things stewing away in my head... and it is almost time to begin the next project. Something to do with a children's story, illustration, fabric and exhibiting...

Bubble, bubble....

...But in the mean time, here are some more portraits.

Friday, February 18, 2011

City Kaleidoscope

The next stage was purely digital.

I photographed the image, with the help of my 4yo daughter who held the torch for my 'atmospheric lighting', then manipulated the image into a repeat design. My initial efforts were just too... uuugggh... but I eventually came up with this image which I like...

When I received my sample swatch from Spoonflower I was disappointed. It was way too dark and the repeat was too large. I lightened it and made it smaller, and then sent away for it... so I truly hope it looks as great as I imagine it to... there was not enough time to send for another swatch... The design principles and elements I focused on included, texture, variation, line, colour, harmony, shape, and size. My goal was to create a soft and textured geometric design. On screen I feel I have achieved this, but the proof is yet to come...

The gap between virtual and real still exists.... so "Mind the Gap"


What have I been up to? Well a new year brings with it completion... closure... I have finished my entry for the Geometica exhibition and am now simply waiting in apprehension for the final fabric print from Spoonflower.

The process has been interesting. I began with a photo taken from Edinburgh gardens in North Fitzroy, looking at the wonderful Melbourne city-scape. Here is my photograph... I love the shadows of the trees on the oval.

I then drew some of the lovely shapes from this image onto graph paper and created a geometric pattern to knit from. I scrummaged through my ol' bag of wool to find some colours that represented the image, and started knitting.

It was important for me to try to use materials I had on hand... to try and create something interesting out of scaps and left-overs. I uses some left-over MDF board for the base and back, and some foam board for the 3D forms of the buildings. Fortunately my brother is metal worker, and he had some scrap metal which he created the box out of. (Thanks Keith) The shine just finishes it off perfectly for me! I love the reflection of the knitted city-scape inside the box, and although I haven't yet removed the protective plastic from the outside, the high shine it will have is reflective of the glass and metalic shine of the city. Hopefully reflecting the printed fabric and the movement of people when it is in position.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have an image for you!

Here is the Tractors print I painted up in gouache for a 'Spoonflower' competition about Tractors!

There are many different ways to manage life's ups and downs...


I have just uploaded my design for the 'Graphica' fashion and Textiles exhibition onto 'Spoonflower' and sent away for a test swatch... pretty exciting! I have fully loved the process of creating this design, which turned out different to what I expected, but I like it. Only one more aspect of my entry to be finalised, and that is the final printed fabric banner, and putting the diorama and the fabric together...

Be open to change!