Sunday, September 16, 2012

It has been too long... but life goes on!  I have been doing a few things, such as weaving the back of some outdoor chairs that I brought BARGAIN price!  I have used recycled materials, such as the cut off selvege of some satin fabric I got from resource rescue, and some nylon selvege from a factory Dad worked at many years ago, and the final chair was cut up plastic bags crocheted into a 22m strand of 'yarn'.... I shall take some photos and put them up soon. 

I have also been working on the garden, vegi patch, and setting up my 'studio' space in the shed....  'filling the well' so-to-speak...

I also want to tell you of some exhibitions I have been to.... but have to sort out a 'toy' dilema for my little fella right now!

Bloggers... I salute you ._____.

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