Monday, December 31, 2012

Seeing out 2012

Out with the old, in with the new..... but if it's not broken why fix it?  Hmmmmmm so true.  It's New Years Eve 2012 and I am doing my final blog for the year.  I was hoping to put a photo of my latest project up, but I shall describe it instead.  It is an old desk, kept in my dad's garage for as long as I can remember, full of nuts & bolts and other greasy mens things.  It is now in my shed, and I am going to bring it back to life and use it as my work desk to draw and paint and design on! Oh I'm excited! My husband discovered that the two really worn patches on the front edge are perfect position for resting your elbows!  and my mother in law found some initials scratched in it.... we are all fascinated by it, and I don't actually want to over clean it... I'm intending to keep the old and add to the history.... and if I adhere to my New Years Resolutions 2013 is going to be a productive one for the old desk.... and the old loom..... and the old oil paints... and the new inspiration!

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