Wednesday, August 21, 2013

what's up?

Well, it has been a while since I have blogged.... this sounds like a medical or spiritual confession!  I haven't been sitting on my laurels though, distracted perhaps but not slacking off.  I have actually been weaving, a beautiful weave called a double weave, and its looking good.   I am in the process of getting my large 16 shaft loom working so I can make some lovely fabric, and practice some weaves I can't do on the 4 shaft.
I have also came up with an inspirational 'poem' to base a fabric collection on which is fit to turn into upholstery fabric for "The Chair".... which I am VERY excited about!  I find things need to simmer away in the brain before any great revelation..... and the inspiration for "The Chair" fabric came at 3:00am after a sleepless night and a week of worrying about family illness.... but it's not a morbid design, rather a 'reflective' one.
"Take a seat and ponder,
It doesn't matter where.
Who you are,
Where you are,
and where to go from here."
I also have some other philosophical ramblings, but I think I shall keep them to myself for a while.... at my age who has time for philosophy! 

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