Friday, August 14, 2009

Here's my work so far...

This is a portrait of 'Jordyn' I painted for my Nephew and 'Niece-In-Law' as their christmas pressie in 2007. It is oil on canvas, and was my second oil painting.

This is 'Bev's Dad.' (2009) I painted this portrait for my neighbor just because she is a great neighbor. Bev's 95 year old Father was ill and too far away in Queensland... when she was in Melbourne, and I thought a portrait of him in happier times would cheer her up. It is oil on canvas.

This trio are the gems who cared for my son, Declan, during his Kinder year (2008). I painted them as their christmas pressies... Kinder teachers get too much chocolate... if that is posible...
They are acrylic on board.

This painting is my very first painting I completed when I began painting lessons with Rebecca James in 2007. It is of my son playing in a local park. The streetscape in the background is of our neighborhood. It is acrylic on canvas. It is unfinished in this image.


  1. Your paintings are fantastic Pauline. Hope you add in some more soon!!

  2. Thanks Rach! I have a couple of others to photograph and put up, and a couple more I am currently painting...