Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's never too late! I have resolved to update my blog on a monthly basis. Hopefully it will keep me focused and help me achieve those goals I'm always setting.

Hi everyone... I know its been ages since I've even looked at my blog, but I'm here now. I began studying part time again this year, Textile design and Production at RMIT Brunswick TAFE and I'm loving it... Hopefully I'll be doing some show and tell with the blog.

I also have a couple of designs on SPOONFLOWER under 'Red Paeony', and am aiming to include at least one new design a year on that site.

I have met some very inspiring people through the course, and have learnt about many other fascinating designers and artists. My tutors have made me push the limits, and I feel as though I have torn through some type of thin membrane and taken tiny steps into another universe.

I hope you enjoy.

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