Friday, February 18, 2011


What have I been up to? Well a new year brings with it completion... closure... I have finished my entry for the Geometica exhibition and am now simply waiting in apprehension for the final fabric print from Spoonflower.

The process has been interesting. I began with a photo taken from Edinburgh gardens in North Fitzroy, looking at the wonderful Melbourne city-scape. Here is my photograph... I love the shadows of the trees on the oval.

I then drew some of the lovely shapes from this image onto graph paper and created a geometric pattern to knit from. I scrummaged through my ol' bag of wool to find some colours that represented the image, and started knitting.

It was important for me to try to use materials I had on hand... to try and create something interesting out of scaps and left-overs. I uses some left-over MDF board for the base and back, and some foam board for the 3D forms of the buildings. Fortunately my brother is metal worker, and he had some scrap metal which he created the box out of. (Thanks Keith) The shine just finishes it off perfectly for me! I love the reflection of the knitted city-scape inside the box, and although I haven't yet removed the protective plastic from the outside, the high shine it will have is reflective of the glass and metalic shine of the city. Hopefully reflecting the printed fabric and the movement of people when it is in position.

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