Friday, February 18, 2011

City Kaleidoscope

The next stage was purely digital.

I photographed the image, with the help of my 4yo daughter who held the torch for my 'atmospheric lighting', then manipulated the image into a repeat design. My initial efforts were just too... uuugggh... but I eventually came up with this image which I like...

When I received my sample swatch from Spoonflower I was disappointed. It was way too dark and the repeat was too large. I lightened it and made it smaller, and then sent away for it... so I truly hope it looks as great as I imagine it to... there was not enough time to send for another swatch... The design principles and elements I focused on included, texture, variation, line, colour, harmony, shape, and size. My goal was to create a soft and textured geometric design. On screen I feel I have achieved this, but the proof is yet to come...

The gap between virtual and real still exists.... so "Mind the Gap"

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