Friday, March 15, 2013

Sumo Doorstop

When your'e on a roll... here is a doorstop I made a while ago. He's looking a bit used.... because he is! And what a great job he does. I have made this Sumo Doorstop out of scraps of calico & denim jeans, & he's been filled with those old legumes you find at the back of the pantry.... I've used ink and fabric textas to draw on the calico using techniques of a continuous line drawing in the detail of the blue ink. I was exploring the use of line in design, it was fun, relaxing and the outcome has been really useful.
I believe sustainability is important, especially in industries such as the textile industry, so making the most of the materials I have at hand, and thinking about how the fabric has been designed, printed and produced, what fibres the fabric contains, and where the materials were made is an important step towards making sustainability a factor in my textile design projects.

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