Thursday, March 13, 2014

plastic coated

I'm still in the sewing mode and have made another cowboy shirt, slightly modifying the pattern,(picture to come) and I took another look at the 'sugar and spice' bag I made and have been using.  I had found some pvc sheet at Resource Rescue and thought it would be interesting to see how it would be to sew with, so I used some more of my 'sugar and spice' fabric and made another bag.  The pvc was a bit thick to sew when it was double layer, but I persevered and am happy with the result.  It gave the bag more structure, and is now easier to keep
clean :)  I tried  using wider webbing for the strap with the D rings, and I am happier with the width of the strap for comfort on the shoulder, but the D rings just don't hold the weight of the bag properly... I have resorted to using my 'Cool Australia' badge to fasten it together... oh another little quirk I added was utilising a buckle from an old pair of overalls to use as a fastener... I like it :)
Sew.... with all that said, I'm off to have a cuppa.... oops I mean finish that weaving, update my digital designs and do the dishes :0)

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