Monday, May 26, 2014

To Velvet or Corduroy.... that is the question...

During the week I was chatting to the art teacher at my children's school whilst framing some prep and grade 1 students art work to be displayed at the schools cocktail party, and we got onto the subject of not being able to focus... having too many things in life that we want to achieve, and therefor not really achieving anything.  He found his remedy was to have children.... but obviously that's not mine as I already have three munchkins and am still unable to focus on finishing a project! :-0

I have decided to make a pledge on this blog, call it a blog-pledge, to finish three projects during June... projects I have already began... dare I name them?  Ooooh okay I will.
1. Finish knitting that bat wing jumper.... (not so hard, only one sleeve and sewing it together to do)
2. Finish the rag rug I began oh-so-long ago...(not so hard, only about 30 cm to weave then sew the pieces together)
3. Finish the painting of Pete I began (not so hard, just have to finish it)

This leaves me with the question "To velvet or corduroy..." wha? Well, I confess I have began yet another  project... weaving silk velvet or corduroy on the hand loom.  I am extremely excited about this project as it throws me into the unknown world of hand dying silk fibres and weaving a totally luxurious fabric.... and trying a new weaving technique.  I think the decision will be based on the silk yarn I have chosen, as the fibres aren't long and strong enough to withstand the pressures of being a warp thread, so I will do corduroy instead as the texture is in the weft! There. Decided. That feels GOOD! :)

Here's to keeping in focus!

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