Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stepping Stone Frame

I have began another project with my children.  I am always trying to encourage them to 'get outside' and 'find something constructive to do!' so I have decided to try and make a mosaic stepping stone with them using plastic bottle top lids... its a project I have been wanting to do for AGES, ever since I saw mind blowing mosaics created by a Russian woman.  In fact just today I found this site with even more amazing things done with them by people all over the world.... including the 'Russian Pensioner' who blew my mind... check it out!

ANYWAY back to my stepping stone.  I have decided to use cement to anchor the lids, and so we needed to make a frame.  Last weekend my 6yo son and I cut up some wood we had salvaged from a local factory and created this frame..

This weekend we are intending to purchase some 'environmentally friendly cement' and some sand from the local garden supply depot and begin our mosaic....perfect timing for an exciting experiment to do over the Easter break!

After looking at the above link my brain is chugging away at other possible projects which will inspire and motivate my children!

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